plug and play facial recognition

Why we exist

Current methods of stopping theft hurt sales, but using biometric information we can track and stop theft from the source.

What to Expect

By giving us your email you are signing up to join the waitlist for Rooster. We will be in contact with you about sending a sticker for you to place on your front door, and after that you can start sending us footage of criminal behavior and we will begin organizing it using their biometric data. Then we will come out and install our system in your store so you are notified anytime someone who has been tagged comes in.

Want to know when its ready or learn more?

How the system works

All that is needed is a Wifi Password and Camera log in and Rooster is set up in minutes. Notifying you of anyone in our general system to look out for.

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You are on the waitlist!

We may reach out to you soon depending on your message to conduct an interview, especially to get you signed up for the pilot system if you're interested. If you'd like to reach us more quickly, please email one of our founders directly at: [email protected]